Of Mice & Men, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy.

I have a small obsession with Supernatural (CASTIEL), Doctor Who (DAVID TENNANT) and the circus.




Yesterday morning.
The sky was breathtaking. 


I’m in love

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Angel Aura Quartz
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thanks pete.
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you walked out of my life without saying goodbye and I too often find myself missing the memories we had over the person you’ve become
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"You were so tired you almost fell asleep in your clothes that night.
But you didn’t.
I heard you.
The tiredness in your breathing the way it took you so long.
You were stripped into practically nothing.
I could practically feel your body begging for sleep.
I wanted to hold you.
But I couldn’t.
You climbed into bed.
I heard the covers wrap around your body.
Somehow I was jealous.
That should be me.
I should be the one thing clinging to you.
But I can’t.
You told me to talk to you till you fell asleep.
And of course I did.
Because I will show you that I love you as much as I possibly can.
Till you’re here with me.
Or till my heart stops."

I’m afraid (via sabrinatsea)

(via sabrinatsea)

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